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Higher-Order Structure Characterization

Revealing the Molecular Blueprint of Biopharmaceuticals

Welcome to the realm of Higher Order Structure (HOS) Characterization, where precision meets innovation to unlock the secrets of biopharmaceuticals. At HTL Biosolutions Inc, we specialize in the intricate science of understanding higher-order structure of complex biomolecules.

Our CD spectroscopy services unlock the secrets of molecular structure and chirality. Explore CD spectroscopy for precise structural analysis.

Our FTIR services offer precise molecular insights for biologics. Discover the power of FTIR for breakthroughs in research and development.

Our Raman analysis services provide non-destructive, specific, and versatile chemical analysis for your research and quality control needs. Explore the world of molecular composition and structure.

Our DSC services offer precise insights into thermal properties, stability, and phase transitions of your materials. Unlock the power of thermal analysis.

 Our nano DSF services offer precise insights into protein stability, ligand binding, and structural changes. Unlock the power of thermal analysis.


Our cutting-edge fluorescence spectroscopy services offer precise insights into molecular interactions, structural changes, and more.

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