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Published Patents

1. Li, T., Chang, B., Sloey, C.  L-Methionine As A Stabilizer for NESP/EPO in HSA-Free Formulations.  Filled in 2001, Application# 20030104996, published in 2003. WO/2003/020299; International Application No.:PCT/US2002/027855.


2. Goldenberg, M., Zhang, D., Beekman, A., Li, T.  Polyol/Oil Suspensions for the Sustained Release of Proteins.  Patent# 6,979,674, 2005. 


3. Li, T. and Sloey, C.  Stable aqueous protein or antibody pharmaceutical formulations and their preparation.  Filed in 2006.  USPTO Applicaton #: 20070053871, WO/2007/037795.


4. Li, T., Ko, J. and Sloey, C.  Stable aqueous protein formulations.  Filed in 2007.  United States Patent# 20070053871.


5. Li, T., Rajan, R., Lueras, A., Huang, H., Chu, G.  Compositions of specific binding agents to hepatocyte growth factor.  Filed in 2007.  USPTO Applicaton #:20090042315.


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