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Development Services

HTL Biosolutions, Inc. is the premier provider of biotechnology development services, offering molecule assessment, comparability studies, formulation development, stability studies, forced degradation studies, and in-use stability studies . Take advantage of our expertise in the field of biotechnology and benefit from our comprehensive suite of services.

Our molecular assessment services provide you with the best chance of success by providing reliable insights into your candidate molecules, allowing you to make informed decisions and maximize your chances of success. Contact us for more info.

Our Comparability Studies provide a comprehensive evaluation of the biosimilar and originator, allowing us to determine the comparability of the two. We use advanced methods to accurately compare the two. Contact us for more info.

Our Formulation Development service specializes in the development of stable formulations for liquid, frozen, and lyophilized products. Our experienced team of scientists is fully equipped to develop the best formulation solution for your product. Contact us for more info.

Our biotechnology company offers comprehensive stability studies to help you ensure the quality of your products. Our stability studies cover storage temperatures of 2-8C, 25C/60%RH, 40C/75%RH, and -80C, providing you with accurate data for your product's shelf-life. Contact us for more info.

HTL offers Forced Degradation studies to identify potential drug degradation pathways. Our studies can include freeze-thaw, temperature excursion, shaking/agitation, light exposure, and oxidation to quantify degradation products. Contact us for more info.

Our In-use Stability Studies service enables you to assess the effect of product handling on the stability of your drug product. Our experienced team can help you identify potential risks and develop strategies for mitigating them, ensuring that your drug product remains safe and effective throughout its shelf life. Contact us for more info.


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