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Raman Microscopy

Unleash Molecular Insights with Raman Microscopy Services. Our cutting-edge technology empowers biotech, materials science, and pharmaceutical industries with precise molecular analysis. Discover the potential of Raman microscopy for breakthroughs in research and development.

About Raman Microscopy


Welcome to the forefront of molecular analysis at HTL Biosolutions. Our Raman Microscopy services are meticulously designed to address the unique needs of the biotechnology sector, offering transformative insights and data-driven solutions.

Raman microscopy is a powerful technique for solid-state analysis of protein pharmaceuticals; it can be applied in situ within glass containers or on the isolated particle samples. The characteristic fingerprint of Raman protein spectra allows differentiation between protein product and placebo and between different protein products.  Some applications of Raman spectroscopic analysis for protein pharmaceuticals including lot-to-lot comparability, similarity assessment between innovator and biosimilar products, protein product identification, raw material identification and in situ analysis of residues in primary containers as well as investigating manufacturing incidents during drug product filling operations.

Why Raman Microscopy


Application of Raman Microscopy include the analysis of materials, characterization of pharmaceuticals, investigation of biologcs, and the study of nanomaterials, among others. Raman Microscopy has several advantages:

  1. Chemical Specificity: It provides detailed chemical information, allowing for the identification of specific molecules and their chemical bonds.

  2. Non-destructive: It is non-destructive and can be used to analyze samples in their natural state.

  3. High Spatial Resolution: It offers high spatial resolution, making it suitable for studying microstructures and small particles.

  4. Versatility: It can be applied to a wide range of samples, including solids and liquids.

At HTL Biosolutions, we are dedicated to bringing the power of Raman Microscopy to your biotechnology endeavors. Our team of experts, armed with state-of-the-art technology and extensive knowledge, ensures your success in every project. We are not just service providers; we are your partners in precision analysis.


Contact us today to harness the capabilities of Raman Microscopy and enhance your biotechnology projects.

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