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(High Accuracy) Particle Counter

Elevate Quality and Control with HIAC Particle Analysis. Our High HIAC services assure product purity, process excellence, and research advancements in biotechnology. Discover HIAC for precise particle analysis.

About HIAC (High Accuracy) Particle Counter


Welcome to the forefront of precision particle analysis at HTL Biosolutions. Our High Sensitivity Liquid Particle Counting (HIAC) services are meticulously crafted to meet the unique needs of the biotechnology sector, offering transformative insights and data-driven solutions.

HIAC, High Accuracy, Particle Counting, stands as a powerful analytical technique in the realm of biotechnology. It empowers us to precisely detect, count, and size particles suspended in liquids. HIAC particle counters utilize a light obstruction (LO) technique. During sample measurement, a sample is introduced into the system via a needle. Particles then pass through a laser that obstructs a certain amount of light creating a silhouette on a photosensitive detector. The silhouette's area is transformed into an equivalent circular diameter of the particle. This dynamic capability allows for in-depth investigations of particulate matter in a variety of biotech applications.


High Accuracy Liquid Particle Counting (HIAC) plays a crucial role in various applications within the biotechnology field, ensuring product quality, process control, and research advancements. Light Obstruction is also listed in USP <788>, USP <787>, and USP<789>. Some important applications of HIAC in biotechnology include:

  1. Biopharmaceutical Manufacturing: HIAC is used for monitoring and maintaining the cleanliness and quality of biopharmaceutical products during production. It helps ensure that final products meet stringent quality standards by detecting and quantifying particulate contaminants.

  2. Quality Control: HIAC is essential in quality control processes to verify the absence of particles in pharmaceutical formulations, vaccines, and other biopharmaceutical products. It helps prevent contamination that could affect product efficacy and safety.

  3. Research and Development: HIAC is used in research to study particle behavior, size distribution, and interactions. It aids in understanding particle-related issues, optimizing formulations, and developing innovative drug delivery systems.

  4. Protein Aggregation Studies: In biopharmaceutical development, protein aggregation is a critical concern. HIAC is used to detect and quantify protein aggregates, which can affect the safety and efficacy of protein-based therapies.

  5. Sub-visible Particle Characterization: HIAC can be employed to analyze sub-visible particles in biopharmaceutical products.


At HTL Biosolutions, we are dedicated to bringing the power of HIAC to your biotechnology endeavors. Our team of experts, armed with state-of-the-art technology and extensive knowledge, ensures your success in every project. We are not just service providers; we are your partners in particle analysis.


Contact us today to harness the capabilities of HIAC and enhance your biotechnology projects.

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