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At HTL Biosolutions, Inc., we provide consulting and contract research services in the fields of molecular biology, bio-analytical and protein analysis.  

In bio-analytical, we offer amino acid and vitamin analysis of media samples.  We also offer amino acid composition analysis of proteins.


We offer services on method development for the analysis of protein formulation samples, HPLC analysis of proteins, formulation protocol design and study, and protein stability analysis.  


We also provide protein analytical services by employing a number of advanced spectroscopic techniques including FTIR and Raman spectroscopies..  Together, spectroscopic data from these techniques can provide comprehensive and detailed structural information about protein secondary and tertiary structures.  The major advantage of using vibrational spectroscopy to study protein structures is the versatility to analyze protein samples in virtually all physical states including liquid, solid, colloid and gel states.


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Protein Formulation & Development



Protein Characterizations



Product Impurtiy Characterizations



Amino Acid and Vitamin Analysis



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