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Protein Characterizations

At HTL Biosolutions, Inc., we offer both consulting and contract research services on protein characterizations, stability testings and formulation development.  In a close alliance with Protein Alliance Laboratory, Inc., we offer a array of comprehensive contract research service in protein characterizations.


Biochemical Characterizations

HPLC including SEC, RP, IEX, and peptide mapping.

Gel Electrophoresis including SDS-PAGE, Native and IEF. 

Derivatization of proteins by amine, hydroxyl and sulfhydryl chemistry. 


Biophysical Characterizations

Protein secondary and tertiary structure analysis by using vibrational spectrocopies including FTIR, VCD, Raman and ROA. 

Fluorescence including intrinsic Trp, ANS binding, FRET(fluorescence resonance energy transfer), UV-VIS.


Protein Size Variant Characterizations

Protein size variants include native state, aggregates, oligomers and clips are important parameters that need to be fully characterized during regulatory filing.  The size variants can be characterized by using the following analytical methods: 


- Gel electrophoresis/capillary electrophoresis 

- SEC-HPLC to quantify protein aggregates and clips

- Light scattering techniques such as on-line SEC light scattering and Dynamic Light Scattering (DLS)

Glycan Characterizations

N-linked glycan mapping, O-linked glycan mapping, and sialic acid content.



For more information on services, select from the following links below:



Raman and ROA


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